2023-Aug Update: struggling with the big-G

M.3.3 is uploaded with a few bugfixes including major transition bugs in mobile / touchscreen devices.

Also minor improvements such as some NPCs walking animation weren't there ;)

Earlier this month I registered for a Google Play Console account and was ready to upload the app onto Google Play Store!  BUT, the big-G decided that the account I carefully, and manually created "might have been created by a computer program or bot."  seriously, their words.  And they are obviously using a bot here, since I submitted 3 tickets to them telling them that this is very much a manually created account, not a bot, they have not changed their response.

This wasted me almost 2 weeks (each ticket takes about 2 business days to get a response), and I ended up filing a charge back to the $25 I paid for the Google Play Console... (yep, I paid the $ and they just deleted my account without refunding me...)

Hopefully September will be the month to start the mobile release for real!

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