May update - Prototype M2 release!

Very happy to present a nicely packed M2 release. Below are the items implemented since M1 (some already covered in my previous two ‘minor’ devlog updates)

  1. Start, pause menu, death, level complete scenes (like, more like a real game)
  2. implemented a multi-touch mobile control, with floating left joystick (… 2 months before gdevelop added an extension for this 😀)
  3. default to landscape mode on mobile.
  4. added sound effects and background music.
  5. added a much interesting parallex backdrop
  6. make the special attack… special (’savage stampede’), and audio
  7. added facial reaction to player and boss, coz I like how that’s done in Doom.
  8. many minor details (like health/energy bars’ icon, short period of invincibility after being attacked…etc.
  9. Make chest open/close state, and its content is now randomized. (fill up energy bar, or give a lot of coins)
  10. Bug fixes
    1. screen resizing, and dealing with mobile devices with wider screen ratio (on my OnePlus phone)
    2. give extra time to show boss death animation, also fix the issue where score doesn’t get displayed properly.
    3. the ground sprite created some weird issue on mobile - fixed.

Next prototype release (M3) will be the last one before the public beta release, but it will be a while from now, since I plan to run some code re-factoring and enable scripting of story flow… stay tuned!

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