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Hello World. 

I am starting the public posting here since this game is finally a bit more playable like a real game :) 

But a bit history looking back at my notes:

I started working on this game (with ~zero experience) in.... Aug 2020! 

Aug 2020 - putting together concepts and gameplay design, story, and researching on game engines.

=== PAUSE === - career changes, and also took the time to go through an awesome Pixel art course on Udemy

April 2021 - created a bunch of pixel art game assets

May 2021 - finally put together a game mock

Jun 2021 - Got a project plan onto Trello board and define the scopes of M1, M2, M3 releases, start coding on Gdevelop

Jul 2021 - struggled to get started with Gdevelop, learn how to work the assets into Gdevelop, tile map etc.  

Aug 2021 - watched a lot of great videos by 'Helper Wesley' and uploaded the initial version onto Itch.io here.

Sep 2021 - learn more Gdevelop on extensions, functions, and behaviors. adding player control

=== PAUSE === juggled between a new job, family, and other creative projects, I didn't make much progress on this.

Jan 2021 - switch gear and got back into this, watched a few great videos by Wishforge and added a ton of stuffs.  uploaded the latest version that's more like a skeletal version of the game.

A few things I learned:

  1. Making games is hard!  there are a lot of little details requiring attention.  This means a consistent, recurring time box is required to have meaningful progress.
  2. You can do everything yourself - it's good to do this for the 1st time.  But from there you can decidie if you want to focus on certain aspect of the game development and outsource others.
  3. it's easier to follow tutorials, videos instead of trying to figure things out yourself... (yeah, I was in denial on this for a bit too long)


Enrique @ Heta Studio


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Jan 27, 2022

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